Emerald Marine - Anacortes

Photo Gallery

Uno 2536
Uno heading home
Uno 2533
A tricky new plank for the steam launch Uno
Image 22 teak
Coaming placed on new teak decks on Andiamo
1453 teak
New teak sole
Swansong 5300 teak
Swansong’s new teak footwell and cockpit
Swansong 5294
The Swan’s side decks, Swansong
Swansong 5296
The Swan’s side decks, Swansong
StormKing DSCN0120
New framing on Storm King
StormKing 0096
Caulking on Storm King
Smil 6790
Bird’s mouth mast for Smil, in between varnish coats, Smil
Smil 2221
The eight staves of the bird’s mouth mast, Smil
Smil 6745
Bird’s mouth mast with structural pieces, Smil
Beta Marine 2798
A Beta Marine Installation
Pescawa 4171
Improved decks, interior and extention on the cabin, Pescawa
Pescawa 4166
Pescawa launch
Pescawa 3349
Historic Pescawa with repairs to bulwarks and planking