Emerald Marine - Anacortes

Photo Gallery

Peapod 0164
Skin on Frame Peapod framed and oiled
Peapod 2742
Skin on Frame Peapod WOW with the light shining through
Peapod 1506
Lashing for the skin on frame peapod- WOW
Joshua 2467
Joshua ready to launch
Joshua 2435
New planking and transom completed on Joshua
Joshua 1888
Joshua in need of a new transom and other planking
Hama 2438
Hama's stem
Gravina 1874
Launching Gravina
Gravina 1856
Gravina’s new planks
Erica 0568
Fairing the scarf for Erica’s New garboard plank
Erica 0662
Erica’s new goarboard plank steamed and clamped in
Dodo 1604
Dodo 6821
Dodo’s Brilliant launch day
Dodo 6801
Dodo’s new boiler
Dodo 0195
Dodo’s old and new propellor
Windsong Watmaugh Bay
Windsong at rest in Watmaugh Bay, Lopez Is.